Gassner Award 2013

In Good, poor but brilliant college student Tracy needs straight A's to get into a top law school that will forgive her mountain of debt so she can be a lawyer for the poor. With the economic odds stacked against her, she manages to rationalize her job writing terms papers for other wealthy students, including Roy, a lazy hockey player and Margaret, an equally brilliant Chinese student who has not yet mastered English. So why is she having so much trouble sticking to the program?

Good explores the current age in which personal integrity seems to be eroding before our eyes, and each day seems to bring new headlines about politicians caught padding their resumes, football stars claiming to have fictitious girlfriends, or journalists discovered making up the people they've been writing and winning awards about. But Good also asks the question whether, in a world of privilege and deprivation, is cheating all that bad when done to level a playing field that is supposed to be flat?

James McLindon has developed Good with the help as a Next Voices Playwriting Fellowship at the New Repertory Theatre in Boston and a residency at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center.

James McLindonJames McLindon is a Dramatists Guild Fellow and a member of the Lark Play Development Center's Monthly Meeting of the Minds.

His play, Faith, won the 2009 John Gassner Playwriting Award.

Salvation, premiered in New York, Giovanna Sardelli directing, to critical acclaim in the New York Times and elsewhere.

Comes a Faery was developed at the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, Sean Daniels directing, and was a finalist for the Humana Festival.

In the past year, Distant Music was produced at the Stoneham Theater in Boston and the Independent Actors Theatre in Columbia, Missouri.

Dead and Buried was premiered at the Detroit Repertory Theater and the University of Miami.

Mr. McLindon's plays have been developed and/or produced at theaters such as the PlayPenn, Victory Gardens, Lark, Abingdon, hotINK Festival, Irish Repertory, Samuel French Festival, New Rep, Lyric Stage, Boston Playwrights, Great Plains Theatre Conference, and Seven Devils. His plays have been published by Dramatic Publishing and Smith & Kraus.