Gassner Award 1995

Determined to discover the causes of his son's death, a grieving father questions the son's roommate, a young lawyer. In a series of flashbacks, we see how the two young men first met and the influence on their lives of a beautiful debutante who is engaged to the survivor.

The world of Wall Street law practice is further exposed by the story of a senior partner in a leading law firm and his arch rival. When the future of the firm is threatened by the crime of an unknown lawyer in it, the two partners engage in a life and death struggle with not only their professional futures but also their marriages and personal integrity hanging in the balance.

Drawn from today's headlines about scandals within the legal profession, The Scales moves from boardroom to bedroom, showing the most intimate and intense moments of young and senior lawyers at work and at play. The dramatic resolution of the play's conflicts and of the relationship between its two stories brings Gordon Osmond's new award-winning play to its shattering and theatrically unprecedented conclusion, displaying not only repression, dishonesty and violence, but at the same time the redeeming value of self-acceptance and acknowledgment of the moral obligations of living in the human community.

Genre: contemporary drama

Running Time: two hours

Sets: one

Cast of nine: two actresses, seven actors

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