Gassner Award 2000

In The Prodigal you wll meet handsome villains, decent Daddies, damsels in distress, charismatic gangsters, bastards and dastards (but would you know the one from the other?) - businessmen and the bottom line. Broken legs and broken hearts - dreams and the dreary day-to-day. These are the ingredients.

An old man and his daughter are being evicted. Market forces have dictated that where they live, and have lived all their lives, is suddenly a place they can no longer afford. The area has gone up-market. They have not.

No-one consulted them about all this - and why should they? Before it went up-market it was the sort of place inhabited by the last people in the world you'd consult about anything.

None of this was a big deal - on the contrary - the people in question had only come to be where they were because somewhere up the line, they'd been shoved out of someone else's way. Their history - (if indeed such a word is merited) - was of the “just one damned thing after another” variety. Besides, anyone with any push, when it came to the shoving, would have been long gone.

The Prodigal is about one such guy who comes back.

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