Gassner Award 2001

As the Soviet Union collapsed, a civil war of "ethnic cleansing" broke out in Karabakh between Christian Armenians and Muslim Azerbaijanis. The war is still smoldering under a tense ceasefire when Anna Sarkisian, an Armenian fashion model who has been working in New York, goes home for the first time in 15 years.

Living in the bombed ruin of her childhood home with her mother, now a sniper in the Karabakh army (both of Anna's brothers have been killed in the war), Anna defiantly refuses to identify herself with the Armenian cause. As she fights her mother's efforts to involve her in the war, she falls for a young Azerbaijani refugee, Hussein, who secretly returns to the village. Complications increase when Stephen, a New Yorkfashion photographer who is also Anna's former lover, shows up uninvited along with his assistant, and begins making demands. For the fashionistas, war is an exciting backdrop. Then landmines begin to explode in the village, claiming more lives. A love story unfolds in which the competing desires for vengeance by the war's victims combine with sexual jealousy to create an explosive climax.

Politics, revenge, sacrifice, love, betrayal and the dreams of nations fuse in this passionate and suspenseful drama.

Cast of five: two women, three men.

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