Harris Award Honorees

2021 Aurand Harris Winner

Crayons, by J.S Puller

2021 Honorable Mentions

After This Episode , by Brianna Barrett
Smelly Girl, A Play for Young Audiences By Cary Gitter
Gaea's Great Greek Gabfest, A play for young audiences by Dan Marshall

Previous Aurand Harris Winners

  • 2020 High School Confidential, by Steph DeFerie
  • 2019 Miss Hollywood, by Sean O'Connor
  • 2018 In Dreams, I Am Invincible by Andrew Geha
  • 2017 Mulligrubs by Ilana Lydia
  • 2016 Journeying Jack by Jack and David Novak
  • 2015 No winners
  • 2014 The Shahrazad Society by Ramon Esquivel
  • 2013 Bloom by Andrew Morton (1st)
  • 2013 Sing a Porpoise Home by Daniel A. Kelin II (2nd)
  • 2012 Don and Wally - A Comedy of an Accidental Visit by Gordon LePage (1st)
  • 2012 What We Lost Along the Way by Corrine Esme Glanville (2nd)
  • 2011 The Transition of Doodle Pequeno by Gabriel Jason (1st)
  • 2011 The South Overlook Oaks by Miriam Gonzales (2nd)
  • 2010 The Tanzanite Princess by Laura Edmonson (1st)
  • 2010 Gathering Blue by Matt Omasta (2nd)
  • 2009 The Scrying Glass by Esme J. Sammons (1st)
  • 2009 Puss 'N Boots by Steph DeFerie (2nd)
  • 2008 Cully's Gold by Carol Korty and Susa Wuorinen
  • 2007 By Candlelight by Claudia Haas (1st)
  • 2007 Drama For Dionysus by Johanna Halperin, (2nd)
  • 2006 Telling William Tell by Evan Guilford-Blake (1st)
  • 2006 Yorkshire Fairytale by Thomas H. Diggs (2nd)
  • 2005 The Patchwork Girl of Oz by Albert T. Viola (1st)
  • 2005 Alice in War by Steven Bogart (2nd)
  • 2004 No winners
  • 2003 In the Garden of the Selfish Giant by Sandra Fenichel Asher
  • 2002 The Life of Aesop by Kenneth Cavander
  • 2001 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Mary and Andrew Arnault
  • 2000 Riding the Wind by Carol Korty
  • 1999 Searching for David's Heart by Cherie Bennett
  • 1998 Devon's Hurt by Laurie Brooks Gollobin (1st)
  • 1998 The Printer's Devil by David Paul Simon (2nd)
  • 1997 Inauguration of Harris Award by Lowell Swortzell