Harris Award Honorees

2020 Aurand Harris Winner

High School Confidential, by Steph DeFerie

2020 Honorable Mentions

Fire Melt Stone, by Kemuel DeMoville
Beauty Sleeping, by Mark Eisman
The Step Sisters, by Shoshannah Boray
Squirrel Boy + Robot Cat (But Also Parents), by Jonathan Graham
The Comic Book Play, by Peter Mitsopoulos
IT'S NOTHING (or How to Disappear but not as Fast as You'd Like), by Julia Lederer
Can Forever Boy Save Planet Earth, by Jim Moore
Anne of Green Gables (An adaptation based on the novel by L.M. Montgomery), by Donna Hoke
Small Bots, by Julia Lederer
Generation Pan, by Jessie Atkin

Previous Aurand Harris Winners

  • 2019 Miss Hollywood, by Sean O'Connor
  • 2018 In Dreams, I Am Invincible by Andrew Geha
  • 2017 Mulligrubs by Ilana Lydia
  • 2016 Journeying Jack by Jack and David Novak
  • 2015 No winners
  • 2014 The Shahrazad Society by Ramon Esquivel
  • 2013 Bloom by Andrew Morton (1st)
  • 2013 Sing a Porpoise Home by Daniel A. Kelin II (2nd)
  • 2012 Don and Wally - A Comedy of an Accidental Visit by Gordon LePage (1st)
  • 2012 What We Lost Along the Way by Corrine Esme Glanville (2nd)
  • 2011 The Transition of Doodle Pequeno by Gabriel Jason (1st)
  • 2011 The South Overlook Oaks by Miriam Gonzales (2nd)
  • 2010 The Tanzanite Princess by Laura Edmonson (1st)
  • 2010 Gathering Blue by Matt Omasta (2nd)
  • 2009 The Scrying Glass by Esme J. Sammons (1st)
  • 2009 Puss 'N Boots by Steph DeFerie (2nd)
  • 2008 Cully's Gold by Carol Korty and Susa Wuorinen
  • 2007 By Candlelight by Claudia Haas (1st)
  • 2007 Drama For Dionysus by Johanna Halperin, (2nd)
  • 2006 Telling William Tell by Evan Guilford-Blake (1st)
  • 2006 Yorkshire Fairytale by Thomas H. Diggs (2nd)
  • 2005 The Patchwork Girl of Oz by Albert T. Viola (1st)
  • 2005 Alice in War by Steven Bogart (2nd)
  • 2004 No winners
  • 2003 In the Garden of the Selfish Giant by Sandra Fenichel Asher
  • 2002 The Life of Aesop by Kenneth Cavander
  • 2001 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Mary and Andrew Arnault
  • 2000 Riding the Wind by Carol Korty
  • 1999 Searching for David's Heart by Cherie Bennett
  • 1998 Devon's Hurt by Laurie Brooks Gollobin (1st)
  • 1998 The Printer's Devil by David Paul Simon (2nd)
  • 1997 Inauguration of Harris Award by Lowell Swortzell